Toilet Block refurbishment funded by Supporters’ Association

Several years ago, Hednesford Town’s far toilet block was completely vandalised beyond repair. The police had nothing to go on……..and nor did the supporters, with the toilets being completely unusable. So, the plan to reopen the facility was identified as a long term project by the Supporters Association. Through money saved from the Pitmen Prize Draw (part of the Hednesford Town Football Club Supporters Association), the group have spent over £600 paying for repairs. Thanks to Andy and Mandy Stokes for cleaning the interior and the stalwart group who painted the exterior, the toilets are, once again, open for business. HTFCSA Chairman Scott Smith, said: “It was something which had been identified as being a benefit to all supporters, particularly those on the Wimblebury Terrace who were having to walk all the way around to the other side of the ground to use facilities. “Thanks to the funds raised through the Pitmen Prize Draw and the hard work of supporters we have been able to bring the toilet block back into fully working use with disabled facilities also being supplied.” Keith Harley, Chairman of the Prize Draw, added, “I was flushed with delight to be able to hand over a cheque to fund such an important improvement for the benefit of all supporters.” He went on, “We want more supporters to join us to help promote and develop other aspects of the Club. Contact myself or any member of the Supporters Association if you would like to help.” Anyone interested in joining the HTFCSA or PPD are asked to visit in order to find out more details.

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